Peach & Polka// Stay@Home edit, April 20′

Hello, you fellows!

Never knew that we would be e-meeting like this, during a pandemic when I last published a post but, here we are! WHAT a crazy twist in the story of our lives. Who knew, who ever really knows!

I hope you all are hanging in tight. Staying at home, practicing social distancing, washing your hands and all that jazz (that you need to follow in order to survive and get over this crazy time). While we yabba dabba doo from our homes now, I decided to pen down another fashion post (shooting from home). Not like you need handy fashion tips right now, but you would eventually need them. So take note, sit back and relax!

I styled this polka shift dress with a peach summer blazer and stilettos for an edgy, brunch outing with your girls on a beautiful Sunday afternoon (that you’ll experience soon). A minimal mini sling to carry just a phone and a couple of cards, adds a bit a fun to the overall look.

Pictures by Jannat Buttar

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I promise, things will get better soon enough for us to enjoy the summer breeze and our friends and family and all the amazing food. TAKE CARE AND DON’T GIVE UP!

Until then, keep that smile wide!


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