Woman, we love you!

I am going to reveal a secret today about us. The women who simply keep going.

The secret is this: Some of us, women ,will simply keep moving in one direction. And, that direction is always forward. We keep going whether we have a bunch of people celebrating us or not because we always celebrate ourselves. We celebrate ourselves in our happiness and in our sadness. We celebrate ourselves in our wins and our losses. We sure love to be loved but we don’t turn into ashes if we are not. We simply keep moving, with or without people. Some of us stare at challenges in the face, shamelessly. Often wink and smile at them. You see, we feel too deep, too often but that does not make us invisible when things go down the drain. Because, believe it or not, like it or not, women like us keep moving. Like a super fast electric train, tearing through the winds. It’s not in our plan to quit. Women like us are here to stay. Look at us shine today or look away, we won’t apologise for twinkling like the brightest star in the sky!

Happy Women’s Day ❤

Styling: A crazy play of statement logo t-shirt, midi pencil skirt and fierce leopard print heels depicting a sense of freedom, love and happiness!

Pictures by: Jannat Buttar

Hope you enjoyed this post!

I’ll see you sooner than you think. Until then, keep that smile wide!


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