Shadow & Light// Feb 2020 Edit

Go on, click click!

Hello fellows,

Hope you had fantastic February beginnings! This year, as promised, I am trying to bring about a few little changes on the blog and infusing some new content. I feel, a person changes with experience, time and stories and it’s so important to let those experiences flow naturally in the content one creates. So, keep an eye out. We do more things, with more love!

Styling: An easy-going, yet classic outfit put-together for a semi-formal day-out. A deep-neck sweater with a fitted pair of jeggings worn with a woollen scarf that is styled with a high-waisted belt to give a feel of a poncho. Delicate jewellery added to give a little touch of elegance. The whole look is styled with a pair of calf-length boots that add an extra oomph to this otherwise simple outfit. Put together in seconds and super snug for winters!

Pictures by: Jannat Buttar

Hope you enjoyed viewing this post!

See you soon

Until then, keeping shining and keep that smile wide!


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