Rosè //January 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my loving, beautiful, heart-warming Internet family!

We made it. Didn’t we? And woah, what a crazy ride it was? With memories and stories and lessons & glories, let’s jump into another decade! The start of this year has been so wonderful and positive for me. 2020: I have a good feeling about this one!

I hope all your dreams come true and you hug this beautiful life with both your arms. I hope you stay healthy and happy and I hope this decade makes you achieve everything you’ve wished for!

Jumping right into my first post of 2020. I wanted to start with something easy-going, yet chic (kind of like my attitude all year long!) Something that can be put together effortlessly and yet make you feel alive. A vintage rose pink trench coat, styled with culottes and a camisole with elegant lace details. To add that extra snug, I teamed the full look with a pair of my favorite soft sneakers (Keds, love you!) and a super handy belt bag to add that oomph.

Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!

Pictures by: Jannat Buttar

Hope you enjoyed this super easy outfit look as much as I enjoyed wearing it for a day out!

This year, I’m coming up with lots of exciting things. Stay close!


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