Lumiére – A creative collaboration Ft. Brahm Singh Photography

” Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you, for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.”

Hello, everyone. What a beautiful windy Monday it is. Clouds peeking in, trying to tell us something. Monday is major hustle for me, most days. Nothing different today! Work’s on but that didn’t change the fact that I woke up a little dreamy. Thinking about life and how crazy fast it’s moving. Have you ever felt that? You blink and you’re somewhere else. There is so much to look forward to but there is so much to see when you turn back. Incredible life, this one!

In today’s post, I am excited to showcase a creative collaboration with Brahm & Jai from

They are not only one of my closest friends but also exceptional photographers and content creators. The following series showcase an off beat photography style. Explaining that to you in their own words:

“Story is what connects a piece of art and the viewer, uniting them with an emotion shared in the course of life.
The congruity of communication and interpretation is aided by practical techniques to draw out that particular emotion out of a creation.

Multiple lights are used here to cast repetitive symmetric shadows. Each light has a different color to it achieved by adding gels to them.
The camera, limited by a single color scheme, exposure, perspective at a time is calibrated to reading the one primary light on the person’s face as the natural color temperature for the skin tone, leaving the gelled colored lights to just be contained in the shadows.

A technique used in edgy, hi-fashion work to create unique visually enticing images.
In the world of fashion, creative decisions are taken while giving high priority to the attention drawing ability of the outcome.
A person made to stay at a piece of art longer than he normally would, while communicating the story, is considered a win.”

Check it out below:

Photography & Concept- Brahm Inder Singh and Jai Inder Singh

  1. Single shadow-flash light

Red reflecting light:

Blue reflecting light:

Red & blue reflecting light mix:

Check out Brahm & Jai’s official Instagram page right here:

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed shooting for this! See you soon with something new. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to spread some love!


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