Renaissance Ft. Manat The Design Co.

“You don’t really need modernity in order to exist totally and fully. You need a mixture of modernity and tradition.”

-Theodore Bikel

Hello! Hope this post finds you in the best of your spirits. Who else is enjoying this little game of weather gods? The sun and the clouds, the winds and the rains. Looks like they are all jumping and running and playing and loving. What a beautiful day!

Art, in the form of fashion, goes back to our beautiful history. In books, pictures and paintings. From elaborate designs carved on rich fabrics using traditional hand embroideries, hand paintings etc. to simple, realistic and fresh designs. India’s diverse culture has led to an enriched collection of ethnic wear, evolving through the years, yet carrying a familiarity, a story from the past, mixing it with the modern world.

The Indian women have not only carried stories of love, bravery, elegance and intelligence through the years, but also, a unique sense of fashion through the years.

This post showcases a minimal contemporary lehenga by Manat The Design Co. (

The lehenga, described as a traditional clothing favorite in most parts of India, is designed, exhibiting the modern woman with a strong personality and a minimalistic style. The Lehenga set is created using authentic raw silk in ombré shades of beige and brown. The off-shoulder blouse comes with delicate straps, styled with a beautiful chikankari statement dupatta.

Manat The Design Co. is one of the very few designers who’ve protected and encouraged the rich traditional ethnic wear by creating genuine, elegant and classy Indian wear. I love what she makes, and I can’t stress on that enough!

Scroll down to below to join the journey with me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Visit Manat The Design Co.’s instagram page and get yourself a stunning ethnic wear. (Link above)

See you soon,


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