Kira X Spangle Street/Jewellery Edit’19

‘’A piece of jewellery is often a piece of art. But it only becomes valuable when emotions are added to it’’ 

Hello, beautiful people. Take a peak outside and let the sunshine hit your skin. Let the happy thoughts flow in. You’re doing great, you are!

March has marched upon us. The season’s opened the mighty blue skies. You see wider smiles, tighter hugs. Everything is great. You’re writing your own story and look how far you’ve come.

I’m not sure if I have talked about my love for jewellery as often. Well, those of you who know-know me, know that my eyes are always in search of pieces of art in the form of beautiful, delicate jewellery. I’d always pick a piece of jewellery over shoes and clothes (ah, yes!). I think jewellery really gives emotion to your overall outfit and personality. It’s like a comforting poem on a rainy day. Like a story-book you carry without reading it aloud. It’s the finishing touch. I love the completeness it offers. It’s such a companion..

In today’s fashion story, I’d like to introduce you to Kira, The Label –

Kira defines a journey of jewellery, handcrafted in India. The label designs and customises bespoke pieces that reflect a contemporary woman’s soul. All pieces are exclusive and carry a story with them. I was excited to try out their statement earrings and a finger ring. Scroll down to see!

Photographed by Suhani Bachan

  1. The Abstract statement Earrings

2. The Infinite ring

3. The Floe earrings

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Let me know how you style your #Kirajewellery. Get in touch with me on Instagram and share your style story!

Until then, keep that head high and smile wide.


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