80s/90s Bollywood – Revisited

The mighty 80s and 90s were colorful, exciting and a happy time in Bollywood. The simplicity of the scripts and this new-found wave of modernity engulfed the cinema. For all those who enjoyed growing up to these movies still experience this sudden rush and happiness when some famous dialogue or a song from Hindi cinema pops up -especially while sitting with friends. Some of us, just can’t get over it and it shows! And then, of course, we are the same generation who cannot stop eye-rolling to the forced remixes of our beloved old playlists!

In this creative collaboration, Shahterspeed came up with this thrilling concept of revisiting this Bollywood era through a set of concept pictures. Kunwar and I absolutely loved it and jumped right into a very brief but fruitful discussion to make this a reality.

What happened next? Scroll down to see!


The set: An old movie theatre, not functional anymore. But what was so endearing about it was that you could still feel the hustle and bustle of long lines of people standing patiently for tickets and the loud cheers on a dramatic, action scene. The scene showcases a girl and a boy out for a movie date in the 80s.

The Styling: Kunwar rocked a vintage bomber jacket with classic white pants, a snug t-shirt and sneakers. I grabbed a pair of my most fun, striped yellow pants, a classic white shirt, and sneakers.




Do check out Shahbaz’s photography content here: SHAHTERSPEED.

The boy can crack a joke with a straight face and blast your mind off with his photography skills.

Also, as a bonus to reading the full article, I am dropping this absolutely gorgeous boy’s (who’s also my dear friend) profile to bless your eyes. Kunwar

Hope you enjoyed this! Getting back with something new very soon. Until then,



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