Himalaya India X Spangle Street


Hope you all are enjoying the August vibes! It’s my birthday month and I have had the opportunity to review so many products! It’s exciting, entertaining and informative. Do check out my Instagram page to read everything!

Today, I am going to talk a little about my much-requested haircare routine. I don’t follow a very rigid routine since I naturally have not so fussy hair. Though, over the years of experimenting with haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors I’ve realized that it, in fact, is very important to take care of your hair to keep them maintained and healthy in the longer run.

My hair type is – straight, thin textured. Though, with basic styling, they appear to be more fuller. Hair fall is a very common hair issue and for a lot of people, it’s severe. For me, it’s mostly seasonal, but it is there!

I got a chance to try out the new Himalaya #4FabulousHair anti-hair fall range last week. I wash my hair every second day so I got to experience all 4 products.

The products in this range include

  1. Anti hair fall cream – I used it twice a week just before washing my hair. Kept it for about 20 minutes before shampooing.
  2. Anti hair fall oil – My scalp is relatively oily but this oil did not feel heavy on the scalp at all. I used it twice a week before going to bed. I love the fresh, mild fragrance!
  3. Anti hair fall Shampoo – Used it every second day of the week. Goes on smoothly, comes out smoothly!
  4. Anti hair fall Conditioner- Used it every second day of the week after shampoo. Left my hair smooth and shiny.

Because of all the shoots that I am a part of, my hair goes through a lot of styling- straighteners, blow dryers, dry shampoos, fixing sprays etc.

In a week’s time, I noticed the hair fall reduced to what it was before and I loved the overall soft texture of my hair!

Do try out their range if you struggle with hair fall. Don’t forget to share your reviews with me! Shop here: Shop Himalaya Anti-hair fall range


Hope you liked this! go jump on my Instagram to check out the video!

See you soon!



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