Two O Seventeen

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Well Well. Here we are. The 30th December of every year. A tad bit wiser. Funnier. Stronger. Attaching extra papers to my never ending list of dreams. My POAs. My hopes and wishes, hard work and a few glitches. I’m sitting in a quilt in my warm room and I can feel the cold breeze hitting my face. The memories, the experiences and each and every story that I started and ended. It all comes right in front of my eyes. I’m smiling a little more than before. WHAT A YEAR!

If I’ve learnt anything this year, it’s the fact that things always don’t go as planned. You can sit down with a pen and a paper and draw your entire life on a piece of paper but life will tickle you with surprises. It will overdraw your drawings and push you towards different possibilities. You will see things from another angle. Infact, you will discover more angles. Do some corrections. Re-draw, start again, put some color here and there.

I have been lucky enough to fall into safer places. Especially when it comes to work. A secured environment and fixed amount of notes flowing in every month. But as they say, paved paths look beautiful, but nothing really grows there. You have to breathe in the wild to bloom. You have shake a few things off when you have the time and the energy to build a life you dream of.

I moved on. With not only jobs, but things and people. Everywhere I placed myself, I learnt. I go in as an empty page and come out with colors. Sometimes bright, sometimes light. Sometimes washed, sometimes a little torn. But most importantly, I get out with a story. A story of memories and lessons. From places and people and everything in between.

I am ending this year doing something absolutely different than what I did until last December. And let me tell you with all my heart, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

May you embrace what’s coming your way. Let this year be your favorite sketch. A sketch that you can color the way you like. Don’t forget to dream. Don’t forget to work hard. Live your life so well, so full that you can smile sitting in your quilt, feeling a cold breeze hitting your face on 30th December, 2018.

Happy New Year.

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