Grandeur X Spangle Street


It’s been a while, isn’t it? Hope you all are excited to embrace the winter winds with open arms. As we see the city buzzing with festive vibes in the air, I can’t wait to experience everything new this season has to offer. North India is geared up for the wedding season and I am more than thrilled to introduce you to “The Grandeur”.

This stunning property consisting of lush greens and massive flower beds is decorated with a walkway passage of 300 steps, outer sheds with 500 gorgeous chandeliers, pompous seating and guest rooms. The major highlight of the place is the absolutely waterproofed outdoor tentage that makes it THE most unique property in the region. Sounds like a fairytale wedding destination? They make sure, it is!

Parties, corporate events, weddings and much more. The Grandeur caters to a crowd that appreciates and understands luxury and style and that is exactly why they have been awarded as “Best in class” by The Global Achievers Forum 2017. Know more about the space here :

I got an opportunity to style this stunning outfit by “Turquoise by Rachit” at this beautifully designed property and I am happy to share the look with you. Check out below:


Hope you liked this!

See you soon.


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