Next stop: Estate 5 , Kasauli

Wishlists and lots of them. Yes, I am that person who pens down all my dreams in a Bucket-list diary and even though I admit having far-fetched thoughts, I am not afraid to jot them down.

Sometimes what we are searching for in far-far lands is already very close to us. I learnt this when I discovered this marvelous property in a quiet, peaceful corner of Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh – Estate 5

About Estate 5:

Estate 5 at the Woodside is an outstanding luxurious private home, a masterpiece of contemporary chic design set in the Kasauli hills . Estate 5 combines the finest traditional chalet inspired style with the latest modern amenities to create a dream mountain holiday for lovers of the hills. It is a beautiful 8 bedroom property which provides facilities for a luxurious and rejuvenating stay.

1 (26)1 (28)1 (29)

Wooden accents decorate every room along with *Nandi * inspired artwork. 

1 (19)a (3)a (5)

Unlimited access to a pristine indoor heated pool , steam room , a state of the art gym situated at the private club lounge , a tea room , tennis court and massage room.

1 (10)1 (11)1 (16)

It is absolutely impossible for me to take my eyes off these pictures and I already imagine experiencing this!

Book your slots and know more about this place here : Estate 5

I am packing my bags already, are you?


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