White – out 

I have a lot of thoughts in mind that need to be put down in columns. These are a result of so many different things happening in my life right now – professionally and personally. It gives me great clarity and power to write it all down. The soul talk section at Spangle Street was an upshot of those thoughts. While I’m constantly working to make a road map of achieving all that I want in life, I’m happy to see myself in a space that’s not easily moved by negative vibes. 

A little (read : a lot) more on the Soul Talk section soon. For now, jumping right into my all white look that I recently created with…well, zero effort! I’m a minimalist at heart and mind and I’m certain I won’t be able to budge from that for a very long time. 

In this look, I’ve styled my polka dotted peplum with shredded white denim and black strappy heels. A perfect summer wear that looks stunning during the day and sexy during the night! 

Photographed by Jannat Buttar

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