#Meet : Hernoor & Sukhman

“Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark.”

–  Bryce Courtenay

Picture credit: Gurvir Johal Photography

It’s not everyday when you get a chance to connect to people, places or things that touch your soul and sometimes decide to live in your heart forever. What an amazing world this is. People have always experienced incredible coincidences and chance meetings. From war camps to prisons to hopping from one country to another, people have met by chance and by luck since times immemorial. People have met people with ever-lasting impressions. Today, in this wonderful world of technology, you are more accessible to people who are meant to be a part of your beautifully crafted little world in some way or the other. One such night, I stumbled upon Hernoor Grewal’s Instagram profile and I was instantly drawn to their website –www.grewaltwins.com .There it was. Lasting an impression on me..

I got in touch with the beautiful inside- out twin sisters and decided to share with you about their wonderful thought process, their soulful artistic sense and the story behind re-branding their blog.

Gurbani: Tell me your story!?

Hernoor & Sukhman: “Our story is still being written, but so far it is one (like many others) which has had it’s fair share of ups and downs; every experience though is another brush stroke in the canvas of our life. 

We’ve been blogging for nearly six years now (!) and it really was a way for us to share our creative ventures, because we’ve been enjoyed being creative from a very young age. This year, we re-branded as we feel we have evolved over the years, and that it was time our blog did too. 

The Grewal Twins blog is our space away from the working world of the 9-5 routine, where our current administrative office jobs are just that…a job, a means to an end, our bread and butter. The blog is our platform to channel our creative visions, and the things that stir our soul from writing, singing, conceptual photography and our travel experiences etc. Our blog represents us, as twins born and bred in London and whose life is styled and shaped by our British-Sikh-Punjabi identity. 

We have a deep-rooted fascination and love for our Punjabi culture, our Sikh heritage & history, and we enjoy sharing our experiences and aspects of our life if it can inspire or empower. Essentially, as a means of using social media for social change, connecting with like-minded souls, and feeling part of a community of creatives

It’s always been our belief that there’s more to life than our jobs and paying bills. It’s just as important to feed our soul as it is to feed our stomach.”

I went on and told them about who I was and the things I did. And that’s where the connect happened! Like myself, they believe that people are so much more than their jobs. They believe humans are not one-dimensional. Isn’t that something so meaningful?

Such a wonderful experience to bump into these two fellow art-lovers, spreading so much happiness and goodness!

Can’t wait to meet you guys in India! Thank you so much for being the beautiful you, you two.



*Feature Image Picture Credits: Navjit Surdhar Photography

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