Happy Sunday!

Ever wondered how so many things are happening around you in this crazily beautiful world? Life takes you through so many emotions. So many phenomenal experiences with places, with people. You get in touch with people and places that become a part of you. You are a collection of these experiences – good and bad, and how amazingly you embrace that along with holding on to the best version of you.

I have a little piece of advice. Never stop dreaming. You are doing your best right now. You will do your best when you are somewhere else.It is healthy to map your lifestyle, your work and your relationships with people. It is important to know where you are. But dreams are a refreshing break from this constant mapping of your life. They take you to places. They put a smile on your face. Dreaming is important.

I am not broaching philosophies you haven’t heard before. You know everything. I am just here to remind you whilst you are busy working hard. You might think you are in total control of your life. But life? Life is watching very closely at all your moves. It gives you directions that you tend to follow and land up somewhere you don’t always plan to. And you know what that place is? You know where you are? You are at the best place you could be. You should be.  So I am here to remind you – whatever happens, always and always happens for the good.

On a sunny winter morning, two brilliant photographers decided to capture my happy self and the result? Jaw dropping!

The series below are photographed by the super talented Herry. You can check out his work right here: (Thank you Herry, you amaze me!)



Hope you guys liked this!

Oh btw, thank you for a wonderful 9k happy family of Spangle Street. You know I love you 🙂


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