Two 0 sixteen.

December 2016.

I am re-writing the introductory lines for the 10th time now. Trying to catch hold of my flying thoughts about 2016…or maybe that’s just excessive coffee. Whatever it is, here I am.
I’ve celebrated thanksgiving throughout the year, I suppose. I have never been so truly thankful for the delicious lemons this life threw at me. I was catching them like a pro and making the most out of it.
This little ball of emotion has come a long way, ya’all. It’s been an incredible start to an enduring journey.
Self taught and totally sort. This year was meant for all the beautiful new things. I met people with wide visions and wider smiles. People you can connect with from the bottom of your heart without all the drama and the unnecessary complications. People you can be transparent with. Thank you for hearing me out at my worst and, at my best!
I see myself flying high with all good intentions to touch the sky. I am geared up for 2017…with a heart that’s warmer and a mind that’s stronger.
I hope you all fill yourself with all the love around you. Make your dreams come true and never forget to laugh out loud.
This life clock is ticking faster than we can ever imagine. Make the most of it.
A Happy 2017 to you.
Love and peace

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