Why it’s *important* to Step your game up.


Long time no see, Soul talkers and listeners. Hope you’re embracing the winter winds and not losing your shiz over dinky stuff!

Step up your game. Four words and literally the only thing you need to remind yourself every morning you wake up to have a happy life, for the rest of your life.

Life is not easy and surely sometimes sleazy but you got to hold it up and mold it into something beautiful. The most basic rule of living a great life is what we most often forget – You are responsible for your own happiness. Period.

It’s not always chocolate ice-cream, this life. But can you..or should you sit and cry about it for the rest of your life? Nope. Most of the adults have problems accepting their problems. You work hard so you don’t have to face problems- emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. But what you don’t do is understand and accept the fact that there could be problems anywhere and  sometimes,everywhere. As soon as you accept that, you will feel it hitting you and that is the time when you will work around it and take out a solution and get over it. The problem only lies when you decide to linger on it, over-think about it and just decide put on the sad cap forever.

Don’t do that. Don’t be that person.

This world is competitive and ruthless. Everyone is trying to push their opinions down someone else’s throat. Everyone is in the well and desperate to kick the other and get out of it. Survival of the fittest they say. I say, survival of the happiest.

Happiness is rare and people tend to hate happy people simply because it’s not easy to achieve. It’s not easily available and not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy it.

People will constantly try to break you down. Whether you allow that or kick back is a choice that you make.

Bad things never last. The next greatest four words that you should remind yourself every time.

You have sulked enough about things not going your way. You have had your share of breakdowns. Now, for the love of God, Step your game up!

A person other than your OWN self should never spell out the definition of YOUR happiness. Make your own rules and stick by them. Love fiercely. Be honest to yourself, your friends and family. Love your dreams. Cherish your days. Be true to your hobbies and your career.

Be that person with infectious positive energy. Learn to have a good heart and an unapologetic laugh.

Never push down others to climb that building. Respect everyone’s space and thoughts. Let everyone grown in their own exquisite ways.

Do the things you love. Wear that makeup. Buy that dress. Get the pet you’ve been longing for. Work hard and earn that goddamn good life.

Don’t just live your life. Sketch it. Color it and see where it takes you. Step your game up.


A fellow Soul talker.

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