5 Things that Pinged #2

Hello there! Hope you all had a crazy week. This is my love list for the week. Enjoy!

This song- Wolf larsen- Kitchen Door (I am in a relationship with)

I came across this song while searching for my unusual music tracks and I was in instant love. I wouldn’t want to describe it too much. Listen to it, understand what it says and once you do,you will fall in love too!


This heart melting minimalist fashion brand (Shopping in bulk!)

Though not the newest on block, The Label Life stands high as one of my favorite Indian fashion and lifestyle website. It oozes out minimalism which is trendy and absolutely on point. So classy. So perfect! ❤


This delicious Freaky shake (Truly, freaky!)

My favorite cafe and bakery in town just blew the town by introducing these freaky shakes that stand true to its name! They are utterly delicious and filling. Bet you can’t finish even one! Know all the details here: Superdonuts, Chandigarh . A must try to brighten up your dull day!


This Private AirBnB home in Bali (Soon, soon!)

If you are planning Bali like almost every vacation-addict on earth, you might want to hop over to this website and browse through a couple of options. My personal favorite is this one! Don’t forget to see all the pictures of this cozy little house facing a beautiful beach.


This ridiculously cute balcony (I want. I will get!)

I am a balcony lover. This oh-so cute balcony decoration looks nothing less than perfect. Imagine some great music, beautiful conversations and a cup of coffee. My life would ideally be complete right there! You can see some more crazy balcony inspirations right here : Shelterness.com


Hope you guys enjoyed this. See you super soon with next 5 things that pinged!

Love and peace

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