5 Things that Pinged! #1

Hello! I am super excited to introduce a new series at Spangle Street. This will be a weekly update, preferably published on Saturdays. It is evident from the blog that I am an avid lover of Art. I can find it in an ice-cream scoop, to museums to highways to paintings to makeup to fashion to everything that my eyes can see and mind can love. Through these updates I will share with you top 5 things during the week that caught my eye. Warning: This can be strictly – not latest. Only something that I discovered which you might like as well!

  1. My ears loved this song (and will always!):


I love music. I consider it as a major part of who I am as a person. And that’s something to do with my family I guess. Everyone in the family are music lovers. I have grown up listening to my dad humming Kenny Rogers, John Denver and the like. My family grooving on crazy English classics at all our family dinners. I don’t consider myself to be a part of the cool kids team having a cool kids playlist that everyone should supposedly learn by heart! I like to randomly stumble upon tracks that make my heart happy.

Lately I’ve been listening to the album “Memories of an Old friend” and one of my favorite tracks  is For You- Angus and Julia Stone, which makes it to this list! Perfect for rainy days where you want to sit with you coffee in your beautiful floral silk blanket. (ah!)

2. My eyes loved this Nap-time accessory (and it’s snug AF!)

Oh H&M. You cute lil thing! While I was compulsively shopping at the store, I found this eye mask. I am a quote lover and what’s better if it describes you in the best possible way. Please go buy this. It’s cool. very.


3. This excessively cool – alternative Career option (I’m considering)

If you ever find a nail paint that does not have a sassy name to it, you don’t understand polishes. Period. Behind all these super cool Nail paint names, there are “professional nail polish namers” (read again), that do the job. All you need is a foxy mind and some great sense of humor to describe the Paint in front of you. There is something for everyone in this world. So calm down!


4. Discovering that Jabong.com is selling TOPSHOP (Jabong= Ginie in a bottle)

I might be the last on the list to know this. You can call me a sinner for not knowing this until now. BUT. Now I do and I’m still finding my jaw. Jabong is selling TOPSHOP with a decently huge collection and thank you very much. (*Kissing my laptop screen*)

See for yourself – Shop TOPSHOP- Jabong


5.This full power way of reviving your Mascara (I can bet my life on it)

I don’t mean to sound shallow here but I can’t do without Mascaras. I am always in search of Mascaras that are exactly what they claim to be. Though I have failed many a times, I do sometimes discover the best ones and then, I won’t let them go. Don’t live under a constant fear of seeing your mascara bottle finish or dry up. Just place your bottle for a few minutes in boiling water and add very little amount of olive oil or a few drops of generic eye drops and see your Mascara fly back from heaven. (Thank me later)


Image source: http://www.pinterest.com

Hope you guys enjoyed this. See you next Saturday!

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