Fearless Firefly- A Poetess collaboration.

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“Do what makes your soul shine” 

When this blog was serialized three years back, I doubted its endurance all the time. With thousands of eyes delving into it everyday, I had a choice to make. I could shut it down when the apparent haters (thank you for increasing my viewer count everyday, it’s getting me business today 😉 )made nasty comments on it or I could keep on going, unmoved, undismayed. I obviously chose the latter and here I am, too blessed to be stressed!

In today’s soul talk post, I present to you a series of photographs with beautiful poems written by  ‘Freedom Poetess, Rusty Sidhu’. Check out these strong, empowering words that are extremely close to my heart and reflect the kind of person that I am. I am sure you will be able to connect to them as well.

Shot by: Satya. You can hop over to see his work right here : Satya- Instagram

Poems by: Rusty Sidhu: Freedom Poetess- Poetry

Makeup by: Surkhab Anjum. This beauty can turn anyone into a beauty! Check out her amazing work here: Makeup By Surkhab Anjum










Hope you guys liked the series. There is so much more in store for all of you in the coming days. Staye tuned!

Love and Peace..


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