#Goingout : The Back Room

Happy First Anniversary, The Back Room!

My city being not so famous for gigs, has seen a drastic change in the past year. All thanks to a bunch of creative music enthusiasts who jumped into the city striving to give us the best when it comes to recognising amazing artists from different cities. Scroll down to see what just happened last night!

About The Backroom: 

Conceptualized and run with utter enthusiasm, Angad and Angad from Merxalus are determined to bring back the original English cocktail vibes in town and this is how they carved their way into it:

The quest for beautiful, buoyant evenings end at city’s first and the only cocktail bar, where good conversations, nerve tingling music and delicious food is given utmost importance. Deriving its concept from the “speakeasy bars” of the 1920s’, The Back Room stands high in maintaining its image as one of the finest retro bars in the country. Largely covered with brass, bricks, Chesterfield pattern leatherite and wood, the beautifully crafted interiors of this cocktail bar carries philosophy of art and beauty of the vintage English era.

A place for cultivated conversations, hefty laughter, steady bonds and happy stomachs, The Back Room will instantly hit home for you. It’s a place for all the jolly good fellows.

Adding to their awesomeness, the “Worker Bee” are hell bent on infusing brilliant music by curating gigs for the place.

About Worker Bee:

Worker Bee is an independent artist promoting/management agency also working extensively in the field of experiential designing. You can check out their work here:


About Last Night:

Mahesh Raghunandan from Bangalore started off the act with his marvelous voice. You might want to hop over to https://soundcloud.com/maheshmusic and listen to his work!

While I was struggling to get hold of my breath, Nikhil D’souza took over with his partner Zohran Miranda, presenting one of the finest gigs I’ve heard in a long long time. Nikhil D’Souza is an Indian playback singer, songwriter and guitarist from Mumbai who continues to create magic with his voice along-with an unbelievably talented band. Jump over to listen to his work right here: https://www.soundcloud.com/nikhildsouza

Signing out now, leaving you with these amazing links to check out. Have a musical weekend, you guys!

Love and peace

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