Heeled Out.. Ft. Envoged

Saturday excitement hits up again and what’s better ? We are on WordPress now and I’m absolutely thrilled to continue my journey on it. Though a long way to go, Spangle Street is going to go places and introduce new things. You just have to stay tuned and keep that love coming!

The fashion industry is like one huge ocean (that knows how to look good), where everyone likes to take a dip and be a part of everything it has to offer. Every minute an enthu shopper is buying stuff in every corner of the world. Sounds huge, right? As an avid shopper, I often wonder and occasionally go down on a guilt trip when I look at my closet. The “only once worn” outfits and the “bought but never used” articles in my wardrobe give me a death stare everytime I look at them. So what do you do? You stop shopping? Hell no. You start “re-selling” them? Hell Yes!

While I was struggling with my thoughts about this, Envoged knocked on the door and put a smile on my face!

About the Brand:

 Envoged offers a one stop shop where you can buy and sell luxury as well as premium fashion wear. Each product is curated for the customer with a lot of care and affection maintaining the aesthetics of the original product  .

It didn’t take much time for me to jump into the” #Oldisthenewnew Campaign – It gets better with age” introduced by Envoged. They are doing a great job to change the way all shoppers think. They are here to save your pockets by helping you make smarter decisions about the way you shop for luxury fashion items.

I got a chance to browse through their very user-friendly website. I have been looking for red pumps since forever and there they were,waiting for me! I bought a pair of Steve Madden suede red pumps from their website at a shocking 50% off! (jaw drops).

The quality of the product was great. The pair was refurbished in the best possible manner. They have specialized teams that handle careful “selection” and “cleaning” of each product separately. What else could I ask for in an 100% authentic used luxury product? Not only this, they even offer discounts at a whopping 90% off! :O

You can hop over to their website here : www.envoged.com 

or ask your queries on Whatsapp : +91 7875540010


At Spangle Street we love to go the classic vintage way! I styled my red pumps with classic culottes jumpsuit for a perfect evening date. Another way to style these red pumps is to wear them with ripped boyfriend denims and a classic white shirt. Scroll below and see how we styled the statement red pumps!

 Picture credits: Jannat Buttar

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

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