Happy post!! ft. Bewakoof.com

Kickstarting my Monday with a refreshing fashion post for y’all! Hope you are doing great. I am celebrating 6 k followers on Instagram (calls for a carouse!) and I’m elated and extremely thankful to each one of you out there.

 When I say a “refreshing fashion post”, I am not really joking. You might be the most aggressive fashion enthusiast out there but deep within your heart, you are a jogger lover! (We all are)
I think joggers are super dope and super snug. So there isn’t really anything to not like about them.
Bewakoof.com heard my wishes and sent me these very cool joggers that I decided to style the Spangle way. You might not want to carry this outfit on a red-carpet (unless you are Rihanna), but it’s a perfect set for your everyday evening workout/grabbing-a -coffee -thereafter session.
You can hop over to buy these here:
Joggers: Bewakoof.com
Throw-over: H&M
Sports brief: Decathalon
White sneakers: Top Shop
Pictures by: Jannat Buttar




Hope you guys liked this. I am coming up with something super cute from bewakoof.com, super soon
Stay tuned
Stay happy!

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