"The Epic Battle- Soap Vs. Shower Gel"

I am thoroughly excited for this beauty edit on Spangle Street! I just had to start off like that.
 Hello my fellows!
Hope you’re having a good week so far . The summer is taking a toll on us but the beauty world is making it easier and we can’t thank them enough.
I am reviewing the most epic shower gels from the season AND here is what I love..and love about them!



About the Fiama Di Wills Skin Conditioning Shower Gels range:
These gorgeous looking shower gels are infused with skin conditioning and exotic ingredients like bearberry, brazilian orange, peach and avocado etc. Beautifully crafted by the beautiful herself- Masaba Gupta, my personal favorite is the hand behind designing this amazing set.
My take on it:
The shower gels claim to be infused with skin conditioning ingredients and trust me they aren’t lying. They moisturize your skin thoroughly and you get out of the shower with bouncy skin. (really). They have a refreshing fragrance that lasts longer than most of the shower gels that I’ve used. Overall, I am giving full points to the uber cute packaging and a convenient-user friendly bottle. I got a chance to use 2 shower gels out of the collection. These are:
1. Mild Dew, Peach and Avocado – This one is great if you have extremely dry skin. It is meant to intensely moisturize your body leaving it soft. I would recommend this mostly for winters. But dry skin warriors- this one’s for you!
2. Ravishing Ruby- This is one has to be my favorite. It smells great and it looks great. It is infused with Ruby dust and polishes your skin instantly. I recommend to use this- well, everyday! This one is straight out of the Masaba collection, so you can happily bathe in style now!
Soap Vs.Shower Gel:
I stopped using a soap in my everyday bathing routine many many years ago. Personally, shower gels have always worked best for my skin..and well, my morale! Something that smells so fantastic, boosts up your inner energies, and makes you clean and soft as silk- I mean, what is there to not like in shower gels?
For me, shower gels win !
Consider using a soap for 1 week without a moisturizer and then a shower gel for 1 week without a moisturizer. Share your results with me on my Instagram (gurbani_johnbuttar) or connect with me on Spangle Street’s facebook page. Let the battle begin!
More is coming soon on #SpangleStreet
Stay tuned


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