Culottes Calling

Hey everyone!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend. The summer is officially here and killing us already. It’s so hot outside I wonder what’s going to happen in the coming years. Nevertheless,fashion never stops. Fashion should NEVER stop!
Here I am with another fashion post to kick-start your mundane Monday!.. Let’s talk: Culottes.
Culottes are my favorite this season simply for the reason that they are so SO effortlessly stylish. From formal to casual- this one piece will make the fashion mamas happy. I can sit here and think of so many ways to style it. It’s really fun and crazily chic. You are probably going to see so many of them throughout the summer on Spangle Street. Are you convinced already!? Go grab then!
I styled by basic black- front bow culottes with structured stripes and strappy heels. Perfect for a formal party, this outfit can also be worn for a lunch party with the girls. It’s going to be cherry on the cake if that lunch is on a fashion street in Milan, but, oh well!
Pictures by: Jannat Buttar






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