Did someone say Summer? Ft. Talons D’or

Hi All,
Hope you all are doing great. While the last post was certainly heavy on the chest, and if you’re a regular reader of #SpangleStreet, you would know how we do this exercise once a while. We talk it out !
Getting back to business, today’s post features a pair of heels that are LITERALLY SPANGLED!
I am so excited to style these dazzling glitter heels from Talons D’or. Hold on to your breath- I am going to tell you something amazing about this brand:
Talons D’or has a striking originality that you simply cannot ignore but adore. It strives to give you the best quality for a design that YOU, yourself can make. 🙂 WHAT!
They offer a great variety of visuals that you can play around with while designing a shoe. It’s user friendly and it’s super fun. You click your heart out and design as many shoes as you want, give your size specs and boom!
Also,their beautiful packing is die for.
You can check out these guys right here :
You can see how I styled these beautiful golden pumps perfect for a Wednesday night with the girls or maybe a fancy luncheon?
Tip: If you’re not on the red carpet and you are not Beyonce, don’t wear bling with loud colors/prints. It’s best to go with the subtle colors and then add a pop of bling to the outfit.
And Skater Skirts for summers? Yes Please!
Top: Zara
Skater Skirt: Chic_Couture (Instagram)
Heels: Talons D’or
Bag: Hidesign









One thought on “Did someone say Summer? Ft. Talons D’or

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