100th Post!

100th Post. Wow.
So many emotions in my head right now! It just seems yesterday when I grabbed a few pieces out of my closet, styled them and wrote down a post while still figuring how to use blogger.com. I had some doubts in my head but I was still so confident about how I wanted to air Spangle Street as soon as possible. I started off with one lil promise to myself- No matter where this goes- chill out, have fun and don’t lose yourself trying to follow/find fashion blindly. I never wanted Spangle Street to stress me out- or others for that matter and I’m glad we’re still going strong!
I thank everyone who has ever been a part of my small world. It makes me a happy person.
Jumping back into the post,we’re talking all stripes and tan and Navy today- three words every minimalist fashion saint loves to hear!
I’m gearing up for the summers with this lil casual skater dress and a summer throw over. Perfect for a casual movie date- this outfit is easy going and super chic. Completed my look with a tan waist belt and ballerinas.
Features: Skater Dress,Shoes: Zara, Throw Over- Vero Moda, Sling Bag- Hidesign
Pictures by : Jannat Buttar






Hope you guys enjoyed this.
See you super soon with loads of madness!

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