The Denim Story #Ft. Dapper Square

Hi all you lovely people!
Hope you guys are doing good and had great fun at Holi. I am so SO excited to publish today’s post, I can’t type… #ahggd777@@8r7, Yay!
Today, I am collaborating with a dear friend and one of the most upcoming Men’s fashion blogger, Akshiv from Dapper Square. I am so elated to collaborate with him for this post. These guys are doing an amazing job and turning quite a few heads in the fashion setup of India.
A lil something about Dapper Square:
Dapper Square is a Men’s fashion blog started by two best friends Akshiv and Harman. Their love for fashion is breaking all stereotypes in the nation and we are glad and how! It is amazing to see the magic these guys are creating with their spot on fashion sense.
You can straight away hop into their website and check them out here:
You know at Spangle Street it’s all fun and fashion when a happy team is working together. I can’t thank Brahm Singh Photography enough and our amazing team that evening for the brilliant pictures and laughter!
Joyously welcoming the summer time, we wanted to showcase easy going couple street fashion, hence denim on denim!
Scroll down to see how Dapper Square and Spangle Street styled overdose of denims on this very beautiful Spring evening.


P.S Happy Birthday Akshiv!!!!!!







Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did. Gear up for more collabs with Dapper Square – This is going to be fireeee!
Until next time

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