Hi Everyone!
Happy Saturday, you guys. I am so excited because of this weather right now. Even though it’s a chilling reminder of how we might have messed up with our weather cycle, this weather, right now = Perfecto!
The precise reason of naming my fashion post “CHILL” is that it’s been a while when I gave you all a little heads up about a few sensible things in life whilst talking about fashion and all things pretty. Life’s crazy fast and I am here to remind you about a few things you already know.
To start with, CHILL. It’s something you adapt after being through a lot of different things/situations, repeatedly. Lot of friendships/relationships, lot of food, lot of money, lot of fame, lot of anger, lot of sadness, lot of depression. The feeling of “Chilling” out in life usually comes after a point of getting through a “lot” of these things. Once you have it, you have it for good and there is literally no energy that can take this feeling- or we can say- a way of life, away from you. We know those brilliant mind exercises about how to stay positive and all that jazz, but the point is nothing will help if you don’t learn to chill- which basically means, cut the drama, ignore the nonsense and have your freakin pizza.
Almost 80 posts down on Spangle Street and few brand collabs here and there, I am proud of the fact that I haven’t let the fashion dramatics take over my heart and soul. I do what I want to do at the spur of the moment and there is no one who can change that. No stringent rules, no faking it all up- Just being yourself and respecting your individual style- Fashion is just about that at the end of the day.
I am wearing my (current favorite) mom jeans from Zara. I picked them up randomly one day and I am so glad I took the decision. They are so effortless and on point, you can go crazy styling them. I paired it with a monochrome tartan shirt from Vero Moda and tan flats to finish the look. The leather jacket from Zara was my savior for the day. And oh, but of course – Red lips. See below and check out how we literally CHILL, the Spangle Street way.


Photography: Navreen Pannu









Hope you guys enjoyed this.
see you soon

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