Holy Chic !! Ft. Printoctopus

Hi Guys !!
Hope you’ve had a kickass start to your week just like I have! It’s literally freezing everywhere. The Sun has become like a long lost love and whenever it decides to sneak in a little bit, you can’t wait to get out and feel the warmth it offers. On one  such sunny day, Printoctopus heard my inner voice and sent me this super chic t-shirt. Holy Moly, was I in love or what!
Printoctopus.com has a huge (yes, huge!) collection of various printed tees that will literally make a place in everyone’s heart. There is something (spot on) for everyone/
You can check out these guys here: http://www.printoctopus.com/
I styled my Printoctopus tee with straight pants and strappy heels. Finished with gold accessories and grey overcoat, this outfit can be pulled off throughout the day (and night)




Hope you guys liked this.

Grab your tee and share it with me on Instagram/ Facebook
Love and hugs, until next time !

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