A lil bit of floral! – Featuring The House Of Blouse

Hi Everyone !
Hope you all had a great sunny Sunday! While you gear up for the coming week ahead, I decided to surprise you all with my next post featuring this super pretty blouse from the very own- House of Blouse ! You can check them out here:
This one of its kind online store specializing in blouses is so convenient and interesting that once you get your hands on to it, it will be your go-to for blouses. You can design a blouse for your ethnic wear or design something totally chic. Yes, I said design on your own! This is probably the coolest thing about The House of Blouse- they have the material, they have the structure and you can literally, virtually tell your tailor what you need!
They sent me this beautiful blouse a few days back, gorgeously wrapped with a flattering personal message. The blouse is screaming floral and is made from cotton silk. The fit and feel of it is great! I teamed it up with my tulle skirt. It’s perfect for a friend’s day function like a Mehendi ceremony. All in all it’s a happy outfit. Go check it out !




Pictures by: Navreen Pannu

Hope you guys liked this.

see you super soooooon !


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