Human Writes.

Flipping through inspirational novels and browsing through self correcting, inspiriting life quotes on the internet or restlessly googling pictures of your favorite destination, inquiring about how to get there, shifting base, moving away and starting a new life, finances, friends, family – everything, everything and a lot more.

We all go through this phase, some go through this phase pretty often. (like me). I am not completely sure about my intention of writing today and definitely not too sure till what extent I should write and speak about the endless thoughts swirling in my mind- but it’s high time I put it down on my screen and flush it out. And well, why not.
Bear with me as I take you to different  places with my emotions all at once. As spoken before, there is no particular intention behind this article. It is just bits and pieces of various thoughts put together. You are welcome to feel connected.
For whatever I have experienced in my life till now, there is one thing that comes out pretty blatantly, clearing all your doubts at once, sticking the truth right into your face and it’s called Change.
Nothing remains the same and everything is bound to change- for good or bad is a choice that you make. You can’t deny it. Change is like a necessary evil. It’s bound to happen and it’s bound to take you places you have never been before. It might make you a person you always dreamt to be or it might rip you apart and make you disbelieve. What comes after that change decides the next phase of your life. So figure that out and figure that out carefully.
Love, friendships, identity issues, career storms. Change hits everything and everyone. You might have decided to do something as a result of some unpleasant change that slapped your life in the past and you might have ended up on a fairy land because of the decisions you made with regards to that change- a perfect lover, a great job, a loving family and hefty popularity on social media.
Then, stuff changes. Circumstances change. You think your life has turned upside down and you can’t wait but to rush out of that so called fairy land you wished to stay on forever. That’s change right there. Don’t get too hot or too cold with your feelings too soon. Keep it constant. Being constant is more important than loving or hating fiercely. Just the fact that a feeling is there-there, will make relationships with people last longer. You should subconsciously be able to remember that a few people are always there, no matter what.
Remember this world is not all heaven or hell. It’s a weird concoction of both. So embrace it. This takes me to the next topic- Feel it if you feel it !
Trust me when I say this – we have gone way too far allowing ourselves to be slaves of our own inventions. Money, power, beauty, technology, religion. We have accepted that we can’t do without them. But feelings and emotions work differently. Let’s not push people to feel or not feel something.
If you are happy, be happy. Even if that’s not something everyone around is wanting to feel or wanting YOU to feel. If you are sad, be sad. Feel that emotion and let it break you. Make use of your tear glands and just feel that pain but, when you are done- you will be surprised to know that you really are done! And oh, the strength and freshness you feel after that is a feeling incomparable. It’s like you are running barefoot on the snow and jumping into a hot water spring. It’s tingling and decompressing. It’s something you’ve been longing for way too long and it’s something you deserve.
We humans have a subconscious  tendency to control others. We give the best to someone and snatch it back whenever we feel like doing so. We think we have the power to make someone happy or sad or angry. And why we continue doing this is because it works. You can affect another person in a lot of ways. Now if we turn the tables and look from the perspective of a receiver- the one who actually goes through these happy/sad emotions, the one at the receiving end , we need to understand something. How people want to treat you is their choice and how you want to receive that treatment is yours. I can come into your life like an angel and make you the happiest person alive or I can stab your heart and make you feel unwanted and stupid. How you receive this is a choice that you make for yourself and your life. Please don’t allow them to control your emotions. Please guard your soul and your heart because if you don’t then who will?
Stop running after temporary things. Stop loving non living things more than what’s around you and very much living. Your money and popularity will not get out from the closet and give you a shoulder to cry on when you are upset or laugh with you on your sleazy jokes or perform your last rites for that matter. Your family will, your friends will. Choose carefully and believe in the choices you make and believe in and what you think will stay with you forever. Shun the people who just want to casually hang on or who just want to chill with you because trust me they are worst than the non-living things you are already ruining your life with. My mom tells me, even if you are left with just one person who truly cares for you and who truly loves you before you leave this world, you have won.
Above all, learn to rise. It is hard and it sometimes doesn’t make sense when you’re gloomy. All these words seem stupid. If you are upset and reading this you might just want to throw away your laptop because you think all this is crap and it’s easier said than done.  It’s OK. Trust me when I am upset next and come back to this article I would want to erase all this and write bullshit in capitals. It’s OK. But remember, when you are not-so-sad and you read this, and you yourself are seeking courage to get back, you will feel connected and you will feel happy reading this. I am telling you that I am going to come back to my own article and take notes and remind myself that…..when everything goes wrong, it’s actually going right. If you don’t feel bad how will you ever feel so good?
Love and peace to all of you!

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