Collaboration: The Souled Store

Hi Everyone !
Hope you guys are having fun. I’ve had a crazy week and I’m glad I could take out a not-so crazy Sunday for myself and relax my nerves. Besides other stuff, I am super duper excited to do a collaboration with my newly favorite”The Souled Store”! .. I am linking them below, You can check them out and get your hands on all the cool stuff they offer.
Just from the time I received my package (beautifully packed in floral paper) and the heart-touching note from the team, I just couldn’t wait long enough to style it. See below how Spangle Street styles a casual t-shirt that speaks out so much!.. You know, the word ‘K.” and the repercussions? Ya? Ya.
If you think t-shirts are worn just to kiss mommy goodnight, you were wrong. T-shirts are one of the most widely styled products- mostly by the off-duty fashion saints. I can literally vouch for a t-shirt being styled with everything you wear. Yep. Everything.
In the outfit below, I have teamed my The Souled Store tshirt (which is super cool and oh so snug) with my pencil skirt and strappy heels. I have accessorized with statement necklaces and neon pink lipstick to color block the entire look.
Last but not the least, my NOPE mug. You know, there is a reason why they call it The Souled Store? Their stuff instantly connects to you. You scroll down and see all the designs and then you’re like ‘Oh, that’s me, Oh that’s me again’ My Nope Mug is perfect for the cranky-me every morning. Ah.
Tshirt: The Souled Store
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Steve Maden
Necklaces: Gifted (International)
Mug: The Souled Store





Hope you guys liked this. You can DM me on Instagram (gurbani_johnbuttar) , how you styled your favorite products from The Souled Store and we can have a lil chit chat there ?
P.S: The Souled Store, you have my heart.
Thank you guys!
Until next time
Pictures by: Karan Singha

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