Goodbye Summer !

I am still under some serious decision making on whether I am excited about the winter or dreading it already. I absolutely love winter fashion and ever-ready to try and experiment fall trends..but, I feel so damn cold! It isn’t even funny as to the extent I can curse the world around me when I am not warm. Winter foods, endless coffee and excessive layering is all on point but, blah! *shivers thinking about it*.
Keeping my emotions in my pants, let me share with you the last of my spring- summer favorite- denims and summer throw overs. I recently figured how much I love layering. It is like my ultimate go-to/can never go wrong with fashion trick. All you have to do is, pick the right colors. With layering, you can always match a few things and give attention to one color-blocking piece. For example, if you play around with the darker color family.. like greys and blacks and navys, pop up a brighter/lighter color like a pink/blue/orange or a red depending on the colors you choose and like.
I am wearing a grey crop and a black throw-over summer jacket. To color block, I went for a basic blue denim skirt and signature red lips.
Features: Skirt: Forever 21
Crop top: Forever 21
Summer jacket: Singapore fashion street.
Hope you guys liked this! Tell me how you layered your last outfit. You can send us your pictures/queries on Instagram: Gurbani_johnbuttar or find us on Facebook : Spangle Street
see you super soon

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