Hi all you lovely people!
A big shout out to everyone loving Spangle Street so much. For understanding what exactly it tries to showcase and to believe in the power of individuality. Thank you for never trying to push me into the rat race for it is because of YOU, this blog doesn’t give me the nerves and remains my heart’s first home. Peaceful, lovely and satisfied with life!
On that note, I am planning to expand the blog and create extended branches/sub-sections about life talks, tips, everyday posts and other things of interest. Let’s hope I can figure something out super soon.

*Philosophy hits* *boom* :

You know, I am big time thinker. And I don’t think I regret that. Thinking gives me a lot of power. I like to sit and understand the situation, think and analyse it. I like to draw conclusions. I like clarity. I don’t think I like to clutter my mind though. That is something we all should refrain from. Allow space inside your brain, only then can you allow certainty in your heart. Please realize that a big-thinker is not an Over-thinker. Big thinkers don’t allow trash into their minds, they only allow various situational thoughts, take out solutions and take decisions- which in my opinion is, great!

When you are done with thinking about a subject, release yourself from other negative thoughts. Get over that situation and get on to the conclusion that you had already framed inside your head. It’s a great great feeling, trust me!
*Click, back!* Drawing my inspiration from my own philosophy(lol), I present to you the next fashion report. It’s ok you may come back after having a glass of water. I know the talks were heavy. But hey, we do this on Spangle Street once in a while, don’t we? 🙂
I am wearing what the fashion universe has happily accepted as THE official off-duty uniform of fashion saints around the world. Basics as we know, a white shirt and your best denims are here to stay!I have added my favorite spring – summer front button blazer in Navy to complete the look.
This needs no further explanation so I’ll be jumping right into the features.
Denims, Shirt, Heels: Zara! (It’s that simple)
Blazer: Forever 21
Scroll through the various expressions 🙂






PHOTOGRAPHY BY : Navreen K Pannu

Hope you like this. Some more fashion concentrated posts coming up soon!

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Love and Hugs!’


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