Blue o’ Blue ! #Midweek Fashion Report.

Hello Everyone!
I am coming back from this long weekend after ages! It was one good, relaxed weekend. The weather is pretty on and off but much better than what is was!
I jump- started my mundane Monday , somehow managed to get over with Tuesday and finally thanking the arrival of Wednesday. I thought of writing down a quick fashion post just distract myself from this mentally exhausting week . My mood board was pretty blank- rather plain for a couple of days. Therefore, I decided to use this unusual feeling to my benefit and chalked down a theme for my next post. The Classics: Blue on Blue. And well, why are we not surprised? haha.
Summer Spring 2015 fashion trends have been clearly tripping on Denims. If you rewind a few posts back, you will see how I compiled a couple of denim styles from the aristocratic runways.
In this post, you are seeing me wearing  denim flared pants and a basic crew neck top. I wanted to keep it as classic as possible, which is why I avoided to play around with too many colors. So Navy Blue and Denims with pops of red and white nail paint and Ruby Woo Lips was my idea of accessorizing this style. I went for vintage soft curls to finish the look.
Flared pants: Sparkles- a small lil vintage closet.
Strap Heels: Steve Madden
Nails: Power Polish by Polish Nail Spa, India






I  also want to thank my friend Navreen for taking up the sweet burden of Spangle Street shoots from now on. She is amazing- inside out and one only needs such people in life to keep going and doing what you gotta do ! 🙂
See you soon!
P.S Let’s Catch up with on Instagram? (Gurbani_JohnButtar)

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