Details: What I wore for my graduation – Why and How !

Hellowww fellows!

 How are you guys doing? Coping up well with the heat, unlike me? Ahan!
I am not completely sure if I hate summers or love winters and my constant ranting about the weather makes it even worse (haha).
Coming back from that thought, my next post is here- and why oh why, it is one of the highly requested ones. My Graduation Dress.
You know the hullaballoo that usually happens before the graduation day- everywhere, you can’t escape it, even though you decide to turn up in your shorts for the sake of protest. Everyone is surfing the internet, the malls and every nook and corner of the city is crazily crowded to get THAT dress. Though some might disagree on the popularity it holds – maybe it cannot beat the madness “proms” hold, but it is one of THE most special moments for any student, we all know.
I am not sure if I did go as crazy as some of us to look for the perfect dress. I am saying that because I am an unconscious fashion rebel- if you choose colors, I’ll choose white. So before searching for the dress, I kept the following things in mind:
1. I want a light color.
2. I want a statement dress meaning a dress having sharp, definite cuts and no confusion.
3. Formal-but not something straight out of the office.
4. A piece I haven’t seen before.
While I did my share of running around for a bit, I wasn’t convinced on anything.
Finally I logged into #KOOVS ( and scrolled and scrolled and scrolled until I found this! ❤ ..
I am wearing a dress from Ax Paris. The variety is great, the material is great, the fit is GREAT and it saved me from a teeth-grinding price. I chose powder blue, because enough said- ILOUUVEIT.
I teamed it up with my basic Steve Madden strappy heels, rocked orange lips with the outfit to give it a little boost. I also wore the statement earrings from #koovs, again. (You can check those out in my previous to previous post).
And…. that’s it!

 Check out below and see what I wore !


Hope you guys enjoyed this!
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3 thoughts on “Details: What I wore for my graduation – Why and How !

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