Periods: Why suddenly, the rest of the world becomes your enemy- AND- How to fix it!

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Excuse me while I struggle to open my eyes and try to figure out the distance between my bed and the washroom which, right now, looks about 100 light years far.
THAT time of the month. Dreaded by over 90% women of the modern era. Why is this, such a huge deal? …Because, it IS.


Every woman (in the 90% list) agrees that her periods are painful, annoying and basically puts her into a bowl full of negativity. Now this troubled feeling is medically proven too, which makes it even more disturbing. Argh.
The PMS time takes a toll on us and we are not here to convince our male friends about its truthfulness. Whether they turn their insensitive deaf ear towards us or not, the point is- We can hardly ignore it and well, in short, these 5 days, suck.


And then we sit back and slip into the self introspection phase, you know, carrying out a few reality checks here and there. Making up and breaking up. Twiddling into this pool of mixed emotions- Making a list to kill, to shop, to eat- Sobbing over unrealistic dumb romantic movies. – Feels like home? Yeah? Thank you.
But let’s sit here and talk about what we can do about it rather than writing another 1 billion-th report on how periods suck. Let’s identify the problem and even though, I know, we feel like sitting back and staring into the wall during this time, let’s just try and make this huge messy deal into a simpler one. Shall we?


1. Make your own freakin PMS Playlist:


Get this straight up your face, all of us do not have Ashton Kutcher and most of us shouldn’t need one. In your happy days, sit back, take out an hour and download the songs you love- keep them funny and light and not gloomy and noisy. Youtube, 8, etc. – just google it and download the freakin list. Belive it or not, music will make you feel better- always! Listen to them during your periods. Ah, that feeling. ❤


2. Eat normal food- don’t go on a kung fu crazy diet!
I strongly believe that eating right during your period will help you. But the kind of overly complex diets Google suggests will only make you more tired. I don’t disagree to the goodness it carries, but honestly, I would read it for the rest of the month and promise myself to follow it, but as the PMS hits, I will hate it- that’s the truth. So look for a diet or modify your existing diet which is easy going and makes you feel fresh and energized. You can take Juices, fruits & vegetables, Dark chocolates (yes!), Green tea etc. Add these into your normal routine diet; make them your best friend. Apart from that, do something interesting like gently grooving to your favorite number, yoga and meditation. Get home massages (best bet).
*Note: If you have a troublesome period, meaning, periods that demand medical attention, follow a routine and add the important foods which will help you. Do as the doc says!
3. Save your body from those heart clenching dresses.


Not all tight fitted clothes are stylish, especially when you are on your periods. Theory? Simple. When you don’t feel right wearing the outfit, it always reflects on your face- no matter how much hide. No matter how wide your smile is.  Save yourself from having an embarrassingly distressed face, rather wear distressed denims and a chic, flowy top and stuff like that. Style your outfit that way. Live in pajamas if you are indoors. Give your belly that warmth and comfort it deserves and save it from the utterly tight sequined dress which is constantly poking your abdomen.


4. If you can’t understand them- Ignore them.


We all know during PMS, everybody around us becomes unrealistic, unreasonable, impatient and annoying. But allow me to tell you the truth- it is us. Yes girls. The fault is in OUR stars. Even we don’t want to believe it; we still, somehow should learn to accept it. We become nasty and difficult.


Even though during this time, all odds are against us and we feel like shit, let’s try and fix this. Avoid jumping into arguments and forcefully creating them. As soon as you get upset over stuff like- someone used your expensive shampoo, you can’t order your favorite food, wifi is not working, your boyfriend doesn’t understand you, someone honked outside your apartment more than once, the sale is over  and all the other minor things in life, understand that they are minor and get over that feeling ! Avoid avoid. Ignore Ignore! Listen to music. Start reverse counting from 100 and just have a glass of water. Gulp those harsh words that plan to come out of your mouth.  Brush away that crazy temper- TRY! TRY! 🙂


Basically, try and keep your mood right. You are your best friend. Keep the charge in your own hands. Periods are a part of us and – an important one, so let’s just accept it and try to make a less deal out of it- for our own good and for everyone around us.
Write me in if you have any queries- I will try and answer them. Also, we can do a quick chat up session on facebook or instagram. Catch me on insta – Gurbani_JohnButtar.
Happy Periods!


Hugs and kisses




(Wait. Did someone around me BREATHE!!!?? Arghhh.  So annoying. *Smashes the laptop, sleeps*)

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