Sunny Side Up ! #weekendspecial

Hello Everyone !
Hope you guys are having a great time and coping up well this exhausting weather. I am here, just before a Saturday with a quick new post. My week was crazy, how was yours?
Oh, by the way, thank you guys for finding me on Insta and giving me incredible love. All the comments are so overwhelming. Drives me through crazy busy day at office so perfectly. For the newcomers- My page there is mostly candid and it has 15 second videos that you guys could probably enjoy (Find me : gurbani_johnbuttar or simply search for #spanglestreet and you will find me.)
So as the heat takes its own sweet revenge on us, we can hardly see fashion saints around the globe getting affected. Summer fashion is fun and full of colors and energy. Today I am picking up my most favorite style : The Vintage. And yes, I know, you guys know my undying obsession for it. We all discover our personal style in our 20’s, I feel. Though, experimenting should be a norm. Never be boring with Fashion.
Wearing today, a day outfit that is perfect for a luncheon with the family, a date or a semi casual office party. I am colorbombing my monochromatic outfit with a punch of bright red top. I LOVE MIDI skirts with all my heart. I am always on a constant search for them because they are oh, so classic!
Midi Skirt: Sparkles
Heels: ZARA
Make up: Eyes- Chambor and Estee Lauder, Lips- NARS
Clicked by: Pankhuri S.
Art Direction: Jannat B.





Hope you guys liked this!
Have a super duper fun weekend !
Lots of Love
Stay happy, stay fashionable.

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