Mid Week Noetic: Noon to Night- #MakeupPost Ft. KOOVS.

Hi All !
Hope your week’s going great. I am here, in the middle of a hot busy week all because I just could not wait for Saturday to share this post with you guys. We all have those impromptu plans where we just get out with friends not knowing about the day-that eventually turns into night-further-a-drunken night. There is no time for a change of outfit. So what to do? Do you spend the night in your pyjamas? Certainly not. This post is to cater to your needs. First rule about an all day-all night outfit is its comfort. Please don’t end up in an uncomfortable, ill-fitted, overly dressed-in the face kind of outfit.That’s the worst choice you can make. The trick is to play around with layering. Know what will infuse energy in your plain outfit and keep that for the night (Maybe that one statement necklace or a jacket). Start with easy breezy semi-casuals. ALWAYS keep an extra pair of shoes.
Secondly, try the same trick on your make-up. Start the day with neutral colors- basic peach blush, mascara and a light lip color. As you move towards the evening, you can always touch up with bright lip colors- complimenting the general theme of your outfit. Don’t go too red- carpet. Add on the eye-liner and a few extra strokes of mascara, put the best perfume on (always, always!) and you are all set.
Check out below my noon to night outfit featuring these gorgeous statement earrings from KOOVS. (www.koovs.com)
What am I wearing:
Mascara: Elizabeth Arden
Kohl Pencil :  Chambor
Lip Color: Lip Couture by LAsplash, US
Base: Chambor
Top: Forever
Denims: Zara
Earrings: KOOVS.
Photography: Pankhuri S. 






Hope you guys liked this.
Stay tuned for my convocation outfit- eee, so excited. Can’t wait to show you guys.
Until then, have a greaaat week.

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