Stay Good and Look Beautiful : Welcoming 2015.

Hi all, you lovely people !
I’d like to start with wishing you guys a very very HAPPY and a prosperous 2015!!
I have missed reconnecting with you all through my blog and I apologize !
But here I am, welcoming you all to this very first post of 2015.
As I leave back 2014, a ride that almost blew me off my seat, it was filled with excitement, lots of love, lot of… LOT of lessons, I enter this year feeling fresh, more positive and ready to rock my world with my own choices that I hardly regret.
As you know I started working a few months ago. I’d say, I am so thankful to this job.It kicks me out of my bed everyday, grills my  mind with endless files and of course, the smooth cash flow every month feels great. I have had a lot of super lazy/super busy Sundays lately, hence, the delay in fashion posts.
 OH, but I haven’t been missing out on all the drama i’d say. You can totally catch me on Instagram for a daily dose of Spangle Street @ gurbani_johnbuttar ( For all the days I am not putting a post here)
Annnyyyhoww, I am here with my next and very first 2015 Fashion Report on How to rock the  winter casuals.
As you see may #ootd , I am glad that I am clad in Zara basics for this Winter. A tshirt that speaks your heart out and a jacket that will save you from Winter winds, the most comfortable pair of denims and heels to stand up and stand out is all that you need for a quick walk into the fog. Pop of pink and an essential cross body will do wonders for you. The wings neck piece is matched with the thoughts of my tee. 😉



Hope you guys enjoyed this. I wish you once again a very Happy New Year !
May this year brings a lot of good health, peace, love and great fashion for all of us 🙂
see you soooon

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