Reasons to love your short hair ! :) #MondayMadness

Oh Hello there !
I hope all of you are having a blast !
I am sure you are here because of one of the following reasons:
1. You cut your super long beautiful hair- “short” and you are softly dying inside,somewhere.
2. You are confused about loving  or hating your short hair.
3. You hate short hair and have come here to virtually disagree.
4. You are my healthy stalker !
So ! I am here to write a quick post on how cutting your hair short is actually not that a big deal and how you should totally love it instead of sulking like 60% of the women right now,in the world.
I have seen so many girls cribbing and crying inside salons and after getting out if it. Bro, you want a hair cut and don’t want your hair, cut? errr? It is funny and weird and I fail to understand what depresses you guys so much?
I do understand what it is like to go from Rapunzel to Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive. – been there, done that. But trust me, it is not as depressing as a few people make it.
Let me start with rupturing a few myths about short hair.
1. Short hair Isn’t sexy. Not.
*screams*. NO. FALSE. If you think long wavy curls are the only thing that throws an impression at the opposite humans, you have petty knowledge about the fashion universe and you deserve to  sulk. (huh). I think short hair are equally (and sometimes even more) sexier than long hair. The logic is simple. It is not common. It spells out confidence. It always helps to keep a longer impression. It is hard to ignore. It’s totally fun !
2. You can’t do much with shorter hair.
Ever watched Tumblr or youtube bro?.. People are coming up with a new hairstyle for short/medium short hair almost every second day !. You might not be able to make those over complicated, tiring, time consuming hairstyles, but who really needs that today? and Oh. more than that, who seriously has that kinda time? :/
3. It makes you look cheap/bold/ spoilt -bratish/not lady like/ unsophisticated:
Seriously, STFU.
4. Not maintainable:
What? Short/ short medium hair are the most well styled, maintainable hair ever! It is seriously not that big a task to set up your hair everyday. It is super fun and easy going. Oh Oh and,your expensive hair products last you 1 month,  It lasts us 3 months. We win. You lose. Bye.
So basically guys, love your short hair. Break through the stringent fashion norms. Remember, we make it, we can break it.
Go for a change, refresh your style. See the change in your personality. Add some excitement in life and learn to take risks. Be experimental, this is the time! Love your long hair, short hair or super short hair- just go ahead and make some changes.
This little change will change your mood in seconds- from good to great !
Share pictures with me on my facebook page and we shall feature the bold you !
See you super sooooon !
instagram: gurbani_johnbuttar

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