Collaboration Special "The Make-up Diaries"

Hi All !
Hope the week’s going awesome!
I am super excited and happy today. I am finally collaborating with my closest friend and presenting to you all the “MAKE-UP DIARIES” by Simar Pannu. She has thankfully decided to collaborate with Spangle Street and expand my blog *tightest hug* :*
I have been getting innumerable requests for make up do’s and don’t’s so I thought of it and decided to get you some expert’s advise tout de suite ! Brace yourself for some super easy yet handy make up tricks you can follow with #nodrama as I say.
Get your makeup weapons ready and let’s get started.
Ladies, the First expert makeup report is here 🙂
 Keeping lips in top condition requires dedication, and I turn to my trusted list of products below to get my lips in swatch-worthy shape.   Healthy lips are just as important as a healthy complexion, and is much easier to achieve than flawless skin.   If you have a habit of forgetting to look after your lips, keep lip balms within reach in several places (eg. bedside table, makeup table, purse, work drawer etc) so you’ll never be caught without one.
“The most important thing before you step out and start your day with that bright pop of colour on your lips is prepping them for the day, which will ironically start the previous night. I usually scrub my lips with a Kiehls exfoliator or simple enough – a toothbrush! And then apply a anti-aging/wrinkle filler cream (again, has to be Kiehls) and top it up with a lip balm. My go-to balms would include EOS which is so amazing and keeps the moisture locked in. The others that follow are Vaseline jelly, baby lips and Nivea.
The same routine to be followed every morning. Now, we all need to discover that one shade – be it Browns or pinks – that we want to apply every morning for the usual routine day. My everyday lipstick would be the MAC Please me (I would recommend it for medium to fair skin tones, more like cool yellow undertones). It’s superb pink colour, matte but not too drying – my all time favourite. The routine is pretty simple after you’ve discovered your magic everyday lip colour. After prepping your lips, apply your lip liner to shape your lips and then fill in the liner with a soft hand. What this does is that it lets your lip colour stay in place for a couple of hours and the lipstick doesn’t look like it’s cracked in the middle.
I’ve used MAC hip n happy liner(it was probably a limited edition) to outline my lips and fill in a little before I apply Please me. If you can’t seem to find that liner, there are plenty nude pink liners in the market that you could match with Please me. And well, we’re pretty much done there. If you feel like it’s a gloss kinda day then add a touch of Just Superb lip gloss by MAC and here you are, ready to rock the day with those beautiful nude pink lips (actually not that nude lol) but a very classy neutral pink!”


Simar Pannu
I hope you all liked this post, we are here to take questions/suggestions on our facebook page.  WE are also open to bookings in Chandigarh. You can send us an email at or
See you soon!

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