Shopping in your 20’s #Weekenddrama

How are you guys doing!?
Its weekend again and your gleaming eyes are telling me how excited you are to sleep/party/shop/work/do laundry.etc.
I am here to write down a quick post on something that crosses my mind every now and then: The guilt of shopping. Remember when was the last time your super happy heart got covered with a rope of choking guilt as soon as you bought something hefty? Yes. Everyday.
Now let’s cut down the drama. Who doesn’t wish to run like a maniac, picking up clothes,ignoring the price tags, not giving time to your beautified brains to think, swiping credit cards faster than you blink? We all do. And all of you enjoying that life, yay!..
But then there are these women. Like you. Like me. Who have been taught to earn before you burn and slap yourself with life before life punches you in the face,putting on your ego jacket and not burning pockets of the men in your life. Sad,but true.
So you are not very happy with your condition but you refuse to budge from your situation. You want to work, make a name, earn and vomit it out on your favorite brands. So here we are girls, feel free to fit yourself in any of these situations:
1. Just out of college, so too many changes to handle.
You are out of college, party is officially over. You land up in a job where you still figuring whether you fit in or not. The monthly pocket money by dad has stopped. It is time to burn the t-shirt that says ” My dad is my ATM” and you suddenly love sleep, formal clothes, salads and alarm clocks. So you land up in office. You work. You wait for the salary, ticking all 29 days in your calender, browsing through all possible websites to order stuff- and then the salary arrives and gives you a happiness attack. You finally decide to shop. BUT, do you?
2. Where is the time?.. Where is the TIMEEE!?
So salary in your account, favorite dress ironed, shopping date fixed. The Sunday is here. You put an alarm because now you are just too used to it and you think you might never wake up if the alarm doesn’t ring (soul sister?) You do the self motivating talks for good 10 mins in your bed and try to convince yourself to get out and do some awesome shopping. But you wake up, your boss wishing you good morning with 3 things to do on urgent basis( because everything is urgent in all the offices), and you see a pile of clothes screaming to be cleaned and a wardrobe you fail to recognize. So you postpone the shopping to evening and you decide to get organized for the rest of the week. By the time you finish, you are tired and you want good pizza, TV and your bed. ONLY.
3. Too much to choose from.
I am not sure about others, but I mostly never end up buying what i decide on. Once you have your money, you get choosy. Super choosy, just like you, once, chose guys in college. “Pretty and branded is ok, but I think I need more durable stuff.” HAHA. You often make wiser decisions because you pick up one or two things and you do a proper dialysis of each product. You are tired and sick of the store but you pick up stuff you love and need. So there is no regret, only happy feelings.
4. Guilt trip.
Most of my friends/family reading this will be like ” yes!!, now this is applicable to this girl”. I do careful shopping most of the times. But not always. You don’t want to stress yourself out every time. After all its shopping and it should make you happy. But yes, I often pick up a lot of stuff without thinking which makes me super duper happy and then….the guilt trip. You check your balance and you are not very happy because if you saved yourself from buying this trash, you could have bought better stuff later. I am extremely bad at saving, but I am learning. *guilt stare to self*.
5. Not every thing is about shoes, clothes and cosmetics.
Yes. arrgggh.. When you have to self-spank yourself for checking up on your expenses, you will realize this. You don’t only have to cater for clothes, shoes etc., you have cater for wine, good food, gadgets, parties, treats, gifts for family and all thaaat. So when next time you pick up 5 dresses when you need only one, remember you are going to get broke taking care of these silent money vanishers.
I hope this post was relatable. In the end, I would say, even though its a tough life out there, we do so much for the sake of shopping and keeping ourselves happy, it is the best and the most satisfactory way ever. At least when you look back, you smile and feel proud of yourself and isn’t that the most important thing?
P.S. Zara has amazing jackets on special price right now. EEEEE.
See you guys sooon!

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