Thirsty Fashion : A Fashion and Food report.

Hola !
How is the weekend drama coming along, you guys!
I am not sure when I mentioned this, but I am here to remind myself and you all that I did want to slowly widen Spangle Street’s scope and connect with more topics of my personal interest. Saying that, I would quickly but from the most honest corner of my heart,  thank all those who love Spangle Street and have made us your secret friend. As I said before, we are not here to compete in the fashion race. We are here whenever you want to relax and step away from all the drama going around you. To connect with your souls, to encourage you, make you smile, make you happy and basically just chilling the fig down.
Today I am wearing a very special owl-struck cropper with my lace jeggings. It is very chic, different and super flowy -Let’s accept it, sometimes we do need a super cool tee in life. So here’s the look you need along with the drinks mentioned below.
Also,now my favorite part of the post-The latest no-fuss drinks I love and would want you  to try as well. They are super easy. Super yummy.
1. Slushie
Nothing new but still very refreshing, Slushie is basically a non-alcoholic drink which is made of small ice crystals with a variety of fruity syrups. This is perhaps the easiest of all. I don’t even need to explain how this should be made. But still, lots of clear ice crystals, your favorite syrup (I’ve even mixed 2-3 flavors which was super yum) and 10 mins to sit back and enjoy, is all you need.
2. Appletini
This comes out from the group of famous ‘tini’ sisters of the alcohol universe. It is a cocktail consisting of vodka and specifically apple juice with apple cider, apple brandy or apple liqueur and even vermouth. One of the best drinks you can serve when you have the much-needed all girls party. It is a fashion drink, no
3. Minted Mocha Fusion
Thanks to the Nestle website for generously sharing some nice coffee recipes with us. I am a fussy foodie so I don’t like to try out every food/drink that sounds fancy. Therefore I have chose my favorite ones for you to try. Feel free to go to their website and check out more cool stuff. This drink takes 5 minutes to be prepared and 5 minutes to cook. You need 2 cups Rich Chocolate Flavor NESTLE CARNATION Hot Cocoa Mix, 10 stick packs NESCAFE TASTER’S CHOICE 100% Colombian Pure Instant Coffee Granules, 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract.
Simply PLACE cocoa mix, coffee granules and peppermint extract in food processor or blender; cover. Process until ingredients are combined. Store in airtight container. The fusion is ready. To make one cup, add 3 3 tablespoons Minted Mocha Fusion in mug; stir in 1 cup hot milk or water and serve with a smiling face ! 🙂
Now Now Now, there are trillions of recipes online. These are just my favorite 3 right now (my favorites change faster than you blink.)
We will come forward with lots n lots of cool stuff for you guys
until then
Happy Weekend, boys and girls !

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