A day called Sunday..

Hello pretty fellows !
Happy Sunday !
Hope you guys are up and fresh by now and having a super chill Sunday, just like me.
This may sound old and ‘told’, but the importance of a Sunday is soon realized once you start working. Saturdays suddenly become more exciting and Mondays become more hateful, but hey ! Sundays are Sundays and no one can take away that feeling of happiness and rejuvenation it gives us.
As it must have sink in you by now, I am willingly taking my wardrobe wars lightly. So I thought of giving you all a  quick sneak peak into my room. Excuse the phone camera pictures. This is where I work from and this is my favorite place on earth right now. ❤
Sunday Sunday in my room!
We have newly shifted here, so you will gradually see this more filled, growing, colorful and gliterry in my future posts. 😛
Welcome 🙂

This is a little extension of my room. We call it the “chill room”. My sisters makes her painting here and we generally chill a lot because its quirky and cosy. Feel free to order these hand painted posters by my sister. 🙂

Another look of the same corner, I LOVE those posters. ❤
This is what I see when I wake up every morning. It makes me happy ! There are these hand painted birds and then there are pictures of my childhood an then my laptop and my old speakers I just can’t get rid of and the like.


Oh well, lil sunday self pampering there.


My newest necklace stand. You can order these too, from my facebook page !



And then I decided to head out for a coffee!
Hope you guys enjoyed this!..
I will come up with more pictures soon.
Until then , have a great week ahead.
Big Kiss!

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