Weekend drama – 5 reasons to Love music!

Hi guys ! ..
Hope you all are having fun and the week is going great.
It is weekend, so I really wanted to write about something very quickly.
While wondering what are the things I love (I am going to do a post on that very soon), I knew the answer before the question was complete in my mind. Music!
Yes, this is probably one of the most important things in my life and I am sure a majority of you agree with it. I love music and being brought up in a family of music lovers, I virtually have grown up listening to all possible songs and the then- famous favorite singers of my family and eventually took over with making my own playlists over the years. So basically I stay where music plays in the background, no matter where you are or what you do.
I think there is something very appealing about people who are into music. So here I am here with my next lifestyle report on – 5 Reasons to Love Music!
1. Another word for unlax.
Music relaxes your mind and there is no other notion to it. It is a definite mood booster. Good music will always take you on a thought journey and deviate you from your current issues, even if its for a while. And sometimes this little deviation is all that you need to keep going. Try this if you haven’t (really, you haven’t?)- Wake up to great music and the rest of your day is sorted. (for good). So let the hormones dance in peace and see your mood changing.
2. Not one or two – Countless Genres to choose from.
I might claim to come from a family/social circle of music lovers, but I still wouldn’t know ALL the genres, I’m sure. This is not a new fact and we all know that music floats into number of styles. I would say each style is unique and gives you a different feel. I wish to hear all the great songs made somewhere in some corner of the world before I die. It is like visiting all the places before I die. Ok, bucket list addition no. 23917..something lakhs.
3. Music is for everyone.
Every person can relate to at least one song they have ever liked/heard. Obviously that is because people express their thoughts and make music and somewhere someone relates to it. It connects us all in a very soothing way. I have every song for every major phase in my life and the list is very huge. 😛
4. And, for every occasion.
Why we always connect to movies instantly is because music plays a major role in them. Now I don’t want to go back or front to the shit-lyrical music some non deserving people make, I am talking sensible, catchy, distinctive, brilliant music. All big events like weddings and heart throbbing- ear drum cracking clubs literally live on great music. Without music, you know how it is. Also, we do have heart touching mellow music for our heart and eye wash,once in a while. What? You don’t have a ‘break up playlist’? (bleh)
5. Increases your understanding.
This didn’t really come to my mind directly. I was talking to a very dear musician friend of mine and asked him what it is like to be a giver of music rather than a listener. He said music means much more to musicians than it means to anyone else. It makes them think better, understand life situations better. That’s because they connect extremely closely to what a song says. Most of the songs also draw a lot of similarity from the real life situations. And because its music, you always grasp it better. I can’t believe we still don’t have musical-academics. We would have been brilliant. Seriously.
Stay tuned. Stay happy !
 Picture sources: tumblr

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