Popped from the past- CROP TOPS !

You know what’s the best thing about life? No matter how many self-assuring rules all of us make, there will always be a feeling, an opportunity,an idea, a sudden rush of hope , a gleaming dream that all of us at some point or the other can breakthrough these stringent rules,fixed notions (often false) and fly high doing our very own thing.
Now why I stressed so much on that is because all this philosophy beautifully habituates in the Fashion universe as well. We,the fashion artists, draw a story line of everything that we want to project. It is an art. It describes something, often our moods, and that’s the whole point!
Running on those lines I decided to write about our freshly cooked obsession for CROP tops. A perfect yet instant solution to get ready as a sure shot head turner with this one statement piece of cloth. How to nail this look is exactly why I am here for. Come on girls (and boys,no bar) and check out how we do the cropeees !
I’d wear it with :-
1) A Skirt. – Yes. You might have seen crops on skirts the most. This combination is unchallenged for a long time now. But just like crops have emerged from the past and defined themselves all over again, how to wear it with various types of skirts will refresh your minds! You can wear it with a pencil skirt, miniskirt, full skirt, A-line, pleated etc. I think the ”One Drama-One Dainty” concept is what should be kept in mind while you choose to wear such an outfit. (Don’t google,this is a self made term 😉 ) By One ‘Drama-One Dainty’ I mean that you could pick up a heavily embroidered statement crop and pair it with a full skirt/pencil skirt which is bright colored or subdued- but plain/light textured or simply turn it upside down. There are no limits. It is fashion art,remember?!
2) A Pair of shorts- Another way of adorning a crop top is with a sexy pair of shorts. Be it sequined, neons, sporty ,rugged denims or lacey- Crops can nearly go with all and that is why we love them!
3) The Denims – A cropee worn with a pair of denims, say washed out, boyfriend fit or curvaceous are my favorite look. It is snug as a bug in a rug and also utterly attractive.
These are just a few ways (i’d say few because fashion has no boundaries,and I have been preaching that-ever since ! ) in which you could easily carry a crop top. It exhibits boldness, confidence and fun-on-the-fashion-run kind of attitude and what else do you need?
I am not sure if the below pictures resemble me 😛 excuse me due to lack of time. But thank pinterest and fellow fashion saints!
These are some of my favorite looks :


 (favorite ! )







Hope you guys liked this!
Be back for some super fun posts -verrryy soon!

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