Make up to me, sweety.

How are you guys doing!
I hate to stand up in this position because I have only one reason to vanish like that every now and then and that’s – WORK! *guilt-face*
Anyway, I hope you guys are having fun and enjoying this lovely weather. Right now I am completely tight-scheduled so I thought of writing a quick post because I needed some unwinding, majorly. Lots n Lots of stuff is up and I am going to take exactly one Sunday to spill it all out for you guys. So, wait for it!
This quick fashion throw-up is completely inspired by a situation almost all working women face. (atleast the cool ones). You have to work because you love it. You have to shop because well,you have to and you have to party because ultimately that’s what it all comes down to. Even though it sounds super fancy, but a day in office mostly end up into groggy evenings (and that’s a huge screaming yes I just heard from you guys!) But a lot of women today have learnt to blend their lives perfectly. Work hard and party harder is the ultimate anthem and women are doing it just right.
When you reach a certain age, you guys will realize how pre -party workout of a girl changes to that of a woman. Its not always club music in your room with 100 dresses to choose from, a bucket full of lipsticks to apply or fashion magical guns (hair dryers and straighteners) to use on your hair or that super furry rug you jump on imagining yourself to be the wild Rihanna waiting to get barge out. I hate to break this to you, but once you are a working woman- Boom! It is not even close to this!
So what to do? Do you stop getting out? No!.. Infact, most of the women experience some of the greatest social evenings when they are in their working phase. So it all comes down to one point- How to look great (even if it’s not greatest) just after you get out work and head straight towards an evening out. Long ago, I did a post on how to get out of office and enter straight into a party by changing just one piece of clothing. Today I am here to show you how to fix up your face quickly- like, really quickly.




You hate to even talk when you have had a hectic day at office but you cannot curb your excitement when a friend calls to catch up . Therefore, I would recommend to keep it simple yet attractive. Just do your slight foundation routine once again after you wipe up your face with a fresh energizing tissue. Keep it light because you do not want to start from ground zero when you are getting late. Concentrate on your eyes as the ‘oh dear I am dead-walking’ -look hits them first. Apply suitable coats of kohl and mascara. Take a shadow stylist and put on that extra glitter just to make your eyes twinkle. I would go with a super bold lipstick or a nude/peach one- wholly depending upon my mind and energy left. Back comb your hair for instant bounce or simply tie up into a confident bun. Grab accessories of your choice. Put on your favorite perfume and you are ready to go !
Hope you guys liked this.
I am coming soon with loads of stuff
Here’s to the good busy life.
Stay happy, pretties!

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