Resurgence !

Hellooooooo my pretty people !
Happy Weekend!
Hope you are in the best of your spirits and missed me (because I did 😦 )
I have been out of scene and I am carrying a hefty bag of apologies with me for that.
I have finally joined office as a lawyer and I am totally excited for this new start!
But never can I ever miss my spangling so I am back with you all with my next fashion report!
Life has been busy and different and very challenging. I never saw myself working like that,but I am glad I took a decision and pretty happy (so far : )

They say it is toilsome to break stereotypes,and that sounds pretty fancy. I wouldn’t disagree as much as I believe that if you get the trick to work it out- it is the best feeling ever.

I am a lawyer. I go through bigger and heavier books each day. They only grow. The list only exceeds. So according to a lot of gloomy minds,for me to do anything but-law was a total no no. How can a woman carrying a red lipstick understand highly complicated alphabets? Seriously? Now it is not only challenging but also very very joyful to break the doors of stereotypes and step into the life you have designed for yourself.

Try this if you haven’t till now and thank me with a martini.

Hence,here I am,writing to you as a newly turned lawyer and a very happily established fashion blogger.

Today I am wearing my favorite silk scarf with a twist. Whether it is a semi-formal occasion or one of the those days where you want to try something out of the box from your wardrobe,just grab on a scarf and play around with it. Fashion saints all over the world have broken their silence on various ways in which you may carry a beautiful scarf with almost anything! I wore my flared pants and shoulder-cut top,both in black-and Yes, you can totally rock dark shades in the morning if you know the trick to subtle them down. For example-I wore my bright printed scarf to cut the monotony of an all-back outfit and I did not want to do black shoes because that is again-stereotype(Obsessed much?). Therefore, I mellowed down my outfit with nude/tan flats. I also carried my cross body bag-the love for which you can check out on my newly posted article here-

Check out below and try on this very new style of pulling off a scarf!




Pants: KOOVS
shoes: ZARA
Scarf: somewhere in Shimla!

Hope you all liked this !
Keep checking up on us every Sunday
Be happy. Be fashionable.


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